• about us

  • DAP Solutions is an advertising, design and public relations agency located in the Parc Audiovisual of Catalonia.

  • DAP: a study of integral communication

    • After many years in different agencies, in 2008 we decide to join and create our own study of integral communication, where the company founding partners (a designer, a publicist and a PR) could do the work that we like and that we have the ability to do. And above all, we could do work in our way and according to our great experience and knowledge.
    • DAP: design, advertising and public relations

    • From here comes our name, DAP Solutions: D of design, A of advertising and P of public relations, and Solutions because this is what we always do, to find solutions. And for everything else, we decided to search reliable partnerships, professional and above all good persons to work as a team in order to give you a full service so we can adapt to the amount of work.
    • DAP: communication adapted solutions

    • Further down, we added a new partner, a publicist and public relations, to attend the administrative subjects and help us in communication and advertising tasks, reaching this way the current DAP team, 4 creative and decisive persons to cover everything and offer the best solutions to any communication subject that our clients could need.

  • dap solutions MISSION, VISION AND VALUES

  • dap ideas

    • To develop, create, plan and design communication campaigns and actions including advertising, graphic design and public relations. Be resolute, original and honest with customers from all society areas, no matter if it is on a large or small scale. 
    • VISION

    • To become your partner to work together in your company, brand or product design and communication aspects, because at DAP we always know the best solution.

  • Responsibility
    We are decisive workers, and above all we face the projects with common sense and seriousness.
    We become passionate and show empathy and respect for our customers and suppliers and among us.

    Above all, we are experts and competent. We are aware of what we can do and therefore we are able to provide that little extra to improve your work.

    Absolute flexibility and creativity to face any challenge. Who says that things should always be the same?

    Honesty, open dialogue and communication. Everything should be structured towards the final result to achieve the optimum.

    A multi-tasking team: we are restless, entrepreneur and courageous. We have talent, strength and desire to move ahead with any project.